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Seattle, WA


Seattle Wedding and Portrait Photographer


Hello Seattle

Samantha Knorr

Just a few months ago my husband, Matt, and I moved to Seattle. Needless to say, we are loving it.

My personality was made for urban environments, ie I’m easily bored. I crave novelty and change.

Part of the reason we choose to move to Seattle was so that I could intern with the two photographers who consistently blow my mind with their artistic vision, humility, and incredible images: Sarah and Chris Rhoads. Below is a photo from one of my first couple of days while I was training with their former intern Dorothy, whom I adore.

The four of us went out to Thai. Delicious.


Working alongside Sarah and Chris has been the greatest learning experience I could have imagined. They push me to be better, teach me new things, and have become great friends to us new Seattle-ites. The amount of fun I have while I intern with them is just the icing on the already perfect interning cake. If you don’t follow their blog yet, you need to. Right now. You can thank me later.

Check them out here:

Sarah Rhoads Photographers