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Seattle, WA


Seattle Wedding and Portrait Photographer


Asharae | Portraits | Seattle, WA

Samantha Knorr

I met Asharae just two weeks ago. She is an awesome photographer who just finished the same internship that I recently started with the lovely Sarah Rhoads. Sarah took her out for a shoot to commemorate their time together and invited me to tag along. During the shoot Asharae and I had a twilight zone experience when we realized we had a mutual acquaintance in common from my hometown whom Asharae had met during college in Illinois. It blows my mind that our world is really so connected when it comes to relationships. There we were, both semi-recent Seattle-ites, from opposite sides of the country, interning with the same photographer, knowing this person in common. Crazy!

As I'm typing this Asharae is making her way to North Carolina, where she is originally from. She and her husband Tim are excited to continue their adventure in the familiarity of home. I'm sad to have only just met her when she's leaving because I just know that if she was sticking around Seattle we would have been great friends. But I'm thankful to have met her and look forward to being cyber/blog/photog/facebook friends. She is as sweet as can be.