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Seattle, WA


Seattle Wedding and Portrait Photographer


Selling Our First Home | Personal | Seattle, WA

Samantha Knorr

In early December 2012, Matt and I bought our first home. I can remember the first time I saw it, blue with a happy yellow front door. I loved the quirky charm and that it was a little rough around the edges. Inside, everywhere I looked I saw potential. Paint here. Bookshelf there. It was our house and we could do whatever we wanted to it. Almost endless possibilities. It was the first place where Matt and I could really explore hour style and how we wanted our space to look and feel. 

An iPhone photo of it after we bought it:

Our house gave me a comfortable place to land during one of the hardest and busiest seasons of my life so far and I'm so thankful for that. So when the time came for our next adventure I had mixed feelings. Excitement about all the impending possibilities but nostalgic about our little blue house. Before the move we needed photos of us and this house. Documenting this space and time, not to mention Matt and I haven't had photos taken of us together since our wedding 4 years ago (silly). Luckily my friends are super talented and generous. Melissa came over for an afternoon and followed us around our space and snapped photos of us playing in our neighborhood. I'm so thankful for these photos because even as my faulty memory fades I know I'll always have a piece the little blue house. 

During my last few minutes in the house before it officially belonged to someone else, I took a walk around it. I visited each empty room, touched, the walls, sat on the floor, and drank a beer. I though about all my favorite memories in that house and counted all the blessings that I was grateful it had given me. It was our first home and I loved it and I'm thankful.