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Seattle, WA


Our style is photojournalistic in nature, meaning we won’t be recommending prom poses. We strongly believe that your images should look like you, natural. We know that being in front of a camera is a bit unnerving. That’s why we stress the importance of developing a relationship with our clients. Our ability to connect without the camera will determine the honesty of the expression when the camera is present. The result is images that are you, but more so. They communicate relationship, personality, things that are in between and underneath. It’s our hope that one day you’ll reflect on the images and see a snippet of this season of life, encapsulated. We want the images to take you back to that one fleeting moment.

For us, photography is really just storytelling. We’re not that interested in the camera, the lenses, and the tools. They are just the means to the end. What we’re interested in is how the camera allows us to see the individual in a dynamic light. We feel incredibly privileged to peek into the lives of so many.


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